Our services include:

Other services we offer include but not limited to air leak, maxi chamber, air line, air valves, compressor governor or main air line break service, new breaks and drums, break adjustment ext and tire service.

Truck Parts

Our vast inventory consist of numerous parts for both domestic and imported trucks. Most day-to-day parts are usually in stock. If not, our suppliers are able to deliver the parts within matter of minutes.

Battery, Breaks and Drums Replacement

If you truck won't start, it might be just dead battery. No issues! We have heavy duty booster to start up your truck and get it back on road. If you experience wheel seal, leaking oil and damage of other parts like shoe and drum, we do it right on the road. We also take care of air leak, maxi chamber, airline, air valves, compressor governor or main airline break service, new breaks and drums, break adjustment, etc.

Tire Service

We repair all types of tires for truck and trailer.

Electric Work

Like light not working, battery changes requirement, alternator change requirements and starter.

Pitman Arm

If you're having Pitman arm is loose, no problem; over long time it can just wear out or have gotten loose because of everyday driving.

Airbag Leakage

Air bag: Leaking air bag could cause the base to break or keep losing up.

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